April NCC ASHRAE Chapter Meeting

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PES Presentation


-Speakers: Sara Cederberg and Amy Boyce

Used in over 150 countries, LEED is a common yard stick by which to measure green building. LEED v4 is the latest version of the LEED rating system and represents updates vetted through hundreds of experts from the green building community, as well as various industry representatives and LEED practitioners.  In this session the speakers will discuss the new requirements in v4, providing an overview of the rating system, plus changes to the reference materials and forms, including updates to LEED Online.  The conversation will focus on the Energy and Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental Quality categories, providing insight as to how updates to ASHRAE standards 90.1 and 62.1 have influenced this version of LEED, and how these changes will impact building design. Dinner Presentation


Dinner Presentation


-Speaker: Ari Tinkoff

Building commissioning has become increasingly prevalent in today’s healthcare marketplace due to the complexity of the Building Systems, Increase in LEED practices, and the AIA Guidelines for Design and Construction of Healthcare Facilities.  This session will discuss what Commissioning Is, what is isn’t, and the economic value it can bring to design healthcare facilities.