President’s Corner

Welcome to the start of another great year the National Capital Chapter. I am honored to serve as the President for 2016/2017, and would like to thank each member for giving me the opportunity to serve the chapter. I would especially like to thank the Past-President Laura Petrillo-Groh, as well as the past board and committee chairs, for an excellent year. The hard work of volunteers allows National Capital Chapter to continue to be a leader in ASHRAE.

President Tim Wentz set the theme for his 2016-2017 term as "Adapt Today to Shape Tomorrow." No statement more accurately describes our rapidly evolving world. In order for ASHRAE to continue to lead the shape the built environment, we will need to adapt. In the next year, look for chapter improvements made by the Electronic Communications Committee in an effort to strengthen communications via website, social media, and newsletter. Our chapter will continue to spearhead efforts in promoting a more diverse membership and leadership through the WiA (Women in ASHRAE) affinity group led by Laura Morder and Israa Ajam. The chapter YEA (Young Engineers of ASHRAE) committee plans to build the social network as well as offer professional licensure exam study groups. The Student Activities committee outreach to the DC metro area will range from K-12 STEM activities to chartering new universities student chapters.

The CRC in Philadelphia recently recognized numerous chapter committee chairs and chapter members for their achievements:

  • Our chapter was awarded for success in Sustainable Activities. 
  •  Roger Chang received the Speaker of the House Award for campaigning for Grassroots Government Activities. 
  •  Ryan Westlund collected the Top Gun for Membership Promotion for outstanding performance. 
  •  Bryan Olivia led Research Promotions meeting goals for the Endowment Chevron, Certificate, Full Circle, Chevron, and Bronze Treasury Ribbon. 

Region III presented the Chapter Service Award to three members for the continued commitment to ASHRAE through many years of service:

• Scott Houghton
• Stephanie Mages
• Andy Rhodes

With the help of Patti Gunderson securing chapter submissions, the Region III Technical Awards Winners included eight chapter project submissions:
Patrick Murphy – Vanderweil Engineers
o 1st Place New Commercial – Alexandria Renew Enterprises
o 1st Place New Institutional – Parks & People Foundation Headquarters
o 1st Place New Public Assembly – Frostburg State University Ctr for Comm, Info, & Tech
• Roger Chang – Westlake Reed Leskosky
o 1st Place Existing Public Assembly– Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery
• Brian Coffield – SmithGroup JJR
o 1st Place New Educational – American University Washington College of Law
• Rajnish Setty – EE&K Architects & Engineers
o 2nd Place New Educational – DCPS Dunbar High School
• Gregory Williams – TMR/CMTA Engineering
o 1st Place Existing Healthcare – Upper Chesapeake Medical Center
• George Anastasi – Summer Consultants
o 1st Place Existing Institutional – Tax Court, GSA

At the regional business meeting, two motions proposed by our chapter were approved. Region III will motion that society creates an ASHRAE CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Accreditation Program. Region III will also motion to develop a WiA (Women in ASHRAE) Membership Subcommittee.

The National Capital Chapter has an incredible set of programs already scheduled for this year. Look forward to an additional seminar and dinner presentation in November, many distinguished lecturers, joint meetings with a variety of organizations, and exceptional presenters. Our first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 7th when our chapter will be honored to host two past presidential members Dr. William Bahnfleth and Tom Watson, PE. Please register now to secure a seat for what should be an outstanding kickoff to the new year.

Best Regards,

Omar Hawit
President, National Capital Chapter, 2016-2017 


Season Tickets now Available for 2016-2017 NCC ASHRAE Meetings!

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The National Captial Chapter of ASHRAE is again offering Season Tickets for the 2016-2017 year. This year, the dinner season tickets now include admission to the November MCA Trade Show! Season tickets are available to ASHRAE members who have paid their local dues to National Capital Chapter, per sociey records. Advance registration is still required for all sessions.

The meeting format and pricing information is located below.

The scheduled dates for 2016-2017 are:

  •          September 7, 2016 - Monthly Seminar and Dinner Presentation
  •          October 5, 2016 - Monthly Seminar and Dinner Presentation
  •          November 2, 2016 - Monthly Seminar and Dinner Presentation
  •          November 9, 2016 - MCA Trade Show
  •          December 7, 2016 - Monthly Seminar and Dinner Presentation
  •          February 22, 2017 - Monthly Seminar and Dinner Presentation
  •          March 29, 2017 - Monthly Seminar and Dinner Presentation
  •          April 19, 2017 - Monthly Seminar and Dinner Presentation


Season Tickets offer significant saving over the individual dinner meetings. Season tickets are transferable so companies who want the flexibility of sending different employees (or customers) to the various monthly meetings may do so. This year, the dinner season tickets include admission to the November MCA Trade Show!

PES Only: $240                       PES and Dinner: $420                          Dinner Only: $180

NCC ASHRAE September Chapter Meeting!

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PES Presentation:Integrating IAQ and Energy Efficiency in Buildings

-Speaker: William P. Bahnfleth, Ph.D., P.E.

Buildings are one of the largest energy end use sectors in countries around the globe. Concerns for the availability of energy supplies and the impact of energy use on the environment are driving a worldwide focus on energy end use reduction. In this push for dramatic changes in the energy use intensity of the building sector, it is essential that the fundamental importance of indoor environmental quality, particularly indoor air quality, not be lost. This presentation addresses: 1) the significance of indoor air quality in terms of its impact on health and productivity and associated costs; 2) the inseparable linkage between indoor air quality and building energy demands, including examples of efficient technologies for maintaining good indoor air quality; and 3) the need for an approach to building research, design, and operation that recognizes this connection.

Fundamentals of UV Germicidal Irradiation for Air and Surface Disinfection

-Speaker: William P. Bahnfleth, Ph.D., P.E.

Germicidal radiation produced by low pressure mercury vapor lamps and other sources is seeing increasing application both for air disinfection and for control of biological growth on surface.  This presentation provides an overview of the fundamentals of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) including principles of operation, component characteristics, system types, applications, and published evidence of effectiveness.

Dinner Presentation:ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015-Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems

-Speaker: Thomas E. Watson

LB (Legionella Bacteria) is common but was unknown as the source of Pontiac Fever and LD until 1976.  The conditions in building water systems that cause the amplification of LB, the generation of the necessary aerosols containing LB and the susceptible person who are at risk for contracting LD are detailed.

The ANSI/ASHRAE standards development process where all interested and affected parties are encouraged to participate through the consensus process is described.  The requirement of balance between the various interest groups such as water treatment specialists, building owners and operators, manufacturers of water system devices, government officials, the CDC, and others from around the world is a key.  How individuals can participate in improving the standard is another subject that is discussed.

The key parts of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 are summarized to give the audience a conceptual framework and sources of more in depth knowledge are given.  Compliance requirements, health care facility requirements, the necessary building survey to assess the risk of LD, the key elements of a WMP (water management plan), control points, and the verification and validation requirements. The design, documentation, operation & maintenance of building water systems by the program team of knowledgeable persons is stressed.



The conference seeks to facilitate understanding of current indoor air quality policies, standards and best practices.  Themes include regulatory vs. voluntary compliance for achieving IAQ, the role of IAQ in sustainable building programs and the relationship between IAQ and IEQ. The technical program includes internationally acclaimed keynote speakers, conference papers and steering committee-organized sessions comprised of industry leaders in various aspects of indoor air quality.

The keynote speakers include:

  •         Chris Pyke, U.S. Green Building Council
  •         Howard Wolf, HW3 Group (IICRC)
  •         Pawel Wargocki, Technical University of Denmark
  •         David Jacobs, National Center for Healthy Housing
  •         David Rowson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


The conference also features 13 conference paper sessions with 60 papers covering IAQ metrics, ventilation and IAQ measurement methods, residential IAQ, natural ventilation, infiltration, approaches and Where Are We Going with IAQ Metrics?

  •         Future of IAQ Sensors and Controls
  •         Demand-controlled Ventilation
  •         The Policymaker’s Perspective
  •         IEA EBC Annex 68 Project: IAQ Design and Control in Low Energy Residential Buildings
  •         Evolution and State of the Art of the Residential Ventilation Standard for North America (ASHRAE 62.2)
  •         Continuous Assessment of IEQ
  •         Tools for achieving better IAQ and others.

The Early Bird Registration rates of $550 for ASHRAE members and $600 for non-members, are available through August 18. For more information and to register, visit

To make reservations at the host hotel, Crowne Plaza Old Town Alexandria Hotel, please call 1-800-227-6963 or 1-877-317-5752 and reference the group “ASHRAE IAQ 2016 Conference” to receive the negotiated room rate. Or go online here with the group code A7Z.