March NCC ASHRAE Chapter Meeting

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PES Presentation

Radiant Systems for Occupant Comfort

Speaker: Peter Simmonds PH.D - Distinguished Lecturer

Occupant comfort is expressed in terms of PMV/PPD as described in the ASHRAE stand 55-2004. Therefore the radiant heat exchange in the space was heavily investigated and radiant balancing components such as radiant floors and ceilings have been investigated to see if the required conditions can be maintained. The air supply systems have been critically assessed to ensure the draft rating is not exceeded. The energy consumption of the different systems has also been assessed.  The analysis of the performance of the space and its conditioning systems are described in this lecture.

Dinner Presentation

Building Envelope Case Study

Speaker: Robert Clarke

Topic:  Technology update on major architectural elements contributing to super insulating building shells, with particular emphasis on glazing and related daylighting advances.  Energy-modeling support of sustainable benefits beyond simple financial payback extending to occupant comfort, productivity, radical HVAC redesign and documented increased leasehold value.  Empire State Building renovation Case Study.